The work-from-home set-up is becoming more and more common among outsourcing companies. Is it a successful technique for keeping employees and hiring top talents without the risk of going over budget?


Since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, there has been a huge shift within the business industry. A lot of businesses needed to shut down due to the fact that they couldn’t sustain their employees. Those same workers found alternative ways to keep a job in the comfort of their homes amidst the pandemic.

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Modern Outsourcing


Working from home means that a person is doing the normal tasks of an employee from their place of residence instead of working in an office. This can be temporary or permanent as part of a hybrid working structure. Typically, this work arrangement can be used for jobs like graphic designers, virtual assistants, and web development that don’t require face-to-face communication and can be completed online.


On the other hand, outsourcing is partnering with a third party to hire staff for your business at a more cost-efficient price. Here, you have the option to do onshore or offshore outsourcing. Information technology services, administrative, bookkeeping, and medical services are usually outsourced. 


Work-from-home outsourcing, also known as remote outsourcing, is the process of subcontracting home-based jobs to a service provider by combining the two concepts. It occurs when your outsourced workforce operates remotely from multiple locations rather than one office. In other words, it refers to a type of working arrangement rather than a specific service.


Here are some outsourcing services you can hire from home:

  • Customer service

    • This service enables you to assist consumers before, during, and after a sale. It could be answering questions, fixing problems, or dealing with complaints.
  • IT services

    • Web design and development, software development, helpdesk services, network management, and other roles fall under the category of IT services.


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  • Lead generation

    • This enables you to generate a huge number of high-quality leads in order to boost your sales.


  • Data Entry

    • You don’t have to spend as much time manually entering data into your database.


  • Virtual Assistants

    • Virtual assistants may relieve you from a variety of administrative tasks, such as managing emails, scheduling, conducting research, and more.


These services are all tied together by the fact that they can all be done in an online capacity. As long as your BPO partner provides the proper equipment, the staff may complete these activities from home.




Aside from reducing your labor costs when you outsource, you can also improve your team’s efficiency through outside expertise. When you check off these two from your list, you can now focus on what’s important. You can develop more meaningful work that will greatly impact the operations of your business, making it a win-win situation for you and your outsourced staff.


Outsourced staff increases productivity, and reduces turnover, and organizational costs will be cheaper. A great outsourcing partner is key, especially if you’re planning to grow your business from home. Clark Staff offers services that can be tailored to your specific business needs. From remote staffing to hiring top roles in your preferred industry, everything is covered.