Staying connected has never been more important. Today the internet helps keep everyone as close to each other as possible even when separated by geography.

This idea that people are better when they’re connected also translates in business. This idea of connectivity is also shared by Google as websites with more backlinks are ranked higher on their search engine, which means it has a higher chance to end up on the front page of Google. Ranking higher on Google means your business has more exposure.

Getting backlinks has become so important for websites as there are numerous strategies on the internet explaining what to do and how to do it. While various resources will mention a number of them, there are 4 that appear almost everywhere. These strategies have been tried, tested, and are the staple when it comes to link building.

What Is Link Building?

Link building is a strategy used in search engine optimization (SEO). More specifically, it is the process of acquiring hyperlinks from other websites, outside of your own network. The reason this is so important is because backlinks to your website tell the Google algorithm that your pages have authority and will rank higher on user searches.

More traffic to your website means more potential customers. As long as your website is SEO friendly and the designs capture the eye of the users, you have a higher chance of them clicking around. Leads found this way are considered organic and don’t cost the company money per click, which makes them sought after.

1. Outreach

Probably the biggest and most popular strategy would be outreach. As the name suggests, it consists of contacting other people, most commonly in a niche related to your business in order to discuss your content. In many cases, service or product information is already enough to be linked, as long as the content on the page is of a certain quality.

Having someone dedicated to reaching out and trying to find different backlinking opportunities is important when trying to get organic leads. While most outreach strategies end up in a discussion about the price to put content on a website, there are many times when, if the content you’re providing is good enough, you can work out some sort of content swap.

An easy way to start outreach is to take an SEO keyword list and visit websites that have mentioned those words. Making a list and working your way through it is one way to start. Stay organized and keep some sort of file that records whether a website is pending an answer, has declined, or has said yes. You don’t want to message the same person multiple times due to being disorganized, it might even cost you a backlink.

2. Guest Blogging

In line with outreach, guest blogging could be a great option for getting backlinks. It’s a relatively simple process, as it involves writing an article for a different website, but within the same industry or specialization.

The simplest way to start is to look for websites within your industry that have a “write for us” page. Be aware that this method is highly competitive, as everyone will know that that certain website is open to guest blogs.

A different approach is to contact websites that don’t have a “write for us” page. While you’ll still have some competition, it won’t be as much as on websites that have dedicated “write for us” pages. Many times websites will require you to submit a blog that isn’t available anywhere else, even your own website. In these cases, writing about an interesting topic and making sure the content is well-written will go a long way.

Just because a website doesn’t advertise guest blogging doesn’t mean that you can’t write for them. As long as you’re providing content that is high quality and about a subject people in that industry care about, websites will often give you a chance.

3. Post On Social Media

With the popularity of social media today, you would be missing out if you didn’t share your content on it. Whether it’s links to a blog, service pages, landing pages, or any other content that would benefit the reader, posting it on social media means having a new audience look at it.

Being active on social media will help you grow and maintain your audience. Taking it a step further, providing visuals on your posts will help to attract more people. For example, if you’re trying to promote a blog, you don’t have to use an image on the blog. In fact, if you could have an infographic summarizing the key points, that would be a much better image to put on the post.

Another benefit to being active on social media is the boost in engagement. Your community of followers can post their thoughts and opinions on the post and you have the ability to engage with them directly.

4. Broken Link Building

Broken link building is a link-building strategy that takes advantage of broken links on other websites. You offer up content that can replace the broken link to the website, and chances are that they’ll say yes.

There are two ways to do broken link building. One is by giving them content that is already published, which means it’s an easier backlink to acquire. The other option is to create content to replace the broken link, which may be more time-consuming but will net you a backlink in the event they say yes.

Broken link-building is beneficial for both parties. The host site gets a more useful link, which in turn makes their site rank higher, and with a backlink, your site gets ranked higher. Everybody wins in the scenario, so make sure your content is worth it.

The Wrap Up

Backlinking helps bring in organic traffic, which has a chance to turn into leads. Make sure you have link-building strategies lined up to get the most possible backlinks. Doing a combination of outreach, guest blogging, being active on social media, as well as broken link building, will allow you to maximize the number of organic leads that you bring in.