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Business process outsourcing companies have been big in Asia for some time now, hell, outsourcing in Asia has been a trend for a long time. From the not-so-savory “sweatshops” of famous clothing and apparel brands to high-level professionals such as accountants, architects, developers, graphic designers, marketers, and everything in between, Asia, namely China, India, and the Philippines are hotspots for BPOs. While there are already BPOs sprouting in Europe, Georgia has put itself in a position to be the next BPO hotspot.

What Makes Georgia So Special?

Georgia, unlike its competitors, has a series of benefits that give it an advantage over other locations. Individually these benefits aren’t that special as other locations also have similar benefits, it’s the combination of them that make Georgia an ideal spot for the BPO industry to thrive.

Monetary Savings

Diving right on into it, the money situation is good on both employer and employee sides. The only tax that needs to be paid is personal income tax, a flat 20%, and that is based on employee salary. In addition, there isn’t a Social Security tax and insurance isn’t mandatory. While these two are wanted by some employees, the ability to forego them allows people to take home more money on paydays. Outsourcing in Asia, particularly Southeast Asia has become popular due to the price. The currency equivalent allows for much higher purchasing power, drawing in similar talent as onshore staff but at savings reaching more than 50%. Georgia has come onto the scene with about the same price point as the Philippines, meaning the same great cost reduction but in a different part of the world. Lower staff costs aren’t the end of the savings. The price per square meter is also lower than other comparable locations. Cheaper costs coupled with the already great infrastructure of the country means more bang for your buck. 

High English Literacy And Proficiency

English is a commonly spoken language for those 35 and under in Georgia. There are English language programs that help anyone who wants to learn. Native English speakers are invited over to Georgia in order to teach conversational and proper English. Tbilisi, the capital of Georgia has over 100 language centers dedicated to teaching English. You can actually see the younger generation of Georgians on social media speaking English, many of which are using American slang, which depending on the type of account can be a good thing.

Growing Market

Unlike in Asia, the market for BPOs in Georgia is just starting to bloom. As of 2021, there were only about 130 BPOs set up in Georgia compared to the 700 in the Philippines alone. This number is expected to rise with Georgia having so many of the factors that made South East Asia so attractive for BPO companies.

The Wrap Up

With so much going for it, Georgia has the potential to be the next big BPO hotspot. With all the cost-effective solutions in Asia, great infrastructure, a high English proficiency coupled with younger generations now eager to learn it, and a much closer timezone to the western world. Some companies have already set up their shops in the country and have begun reaping the rewards. The next time you’re in the market to outsource any of your backend processes, make sure to contact a company like Clark Staff, and ask about alternative locations such as Georgia.