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BOT business model
What Is A BOT Business Model – Build, Operate, Transfer..

May 11, 2021

A BOT business model is where a company is hired to build a company from the ground up, operate it until it is stable, and then everything is transferred after a specific period of time, to the entity that requested the job. To put it simply, a businessman has an idea, they bring that idea …

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How Does Medical Outsourcing Work?
How Does Medical Outsourcing Work?..

May 4, 2021

Medical outsourcing in its simplest form is having nonessential healthcare related jobs done by an offsite party. There are two main ways to achieve this style of outsourcing, the use of freelancers and by partnering with a remote staffing company. Each has its pros and cons along with certain jobs that can be done more …

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how to monitor and measure remote employee productivity
How To Monitor And Measure Remote Employees’ Productivity?..

April 27, 2021

It’s always a challenge having remote staff due to the small voice in the back of your head saying that they aren’t working. To alleviate this, a number of tools were made for an employer’s peace of mind. Being able to monitor and measure the productivity of your remote staff ensures productivity and allows you …

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essential tips to engage with your remote staff
3 Essential Tips To Engage With Your Remote Staff..

April 20, 2021

  Engaging with your remote staff is an integral part of keeping your team working in top shape. Essentially you want to treat them like your in-office staff, making them feel like they’re contributing to the team effort. Here are a few tips to achieving that. Communication By communicating with your remote staff you make …

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Remote staffing is the new normal
Remote staffing: working outside of a traditional office setting..

April 8, 2021

Work from home jobs are more common now Working from home has seen a rise with the COVID pandemic. People are showing that they are capable of doing at least part of their workload at home. There were numerous jobs that people were already doing pre-COVID that allowed them to work remotely. Most of these …

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