Set up your own corporation in the Philippines without the growing pains or hassle of starting it yourself

Want your own company in the Philippines, but don't want to start from scratch? Clark Staff’s Build-Operate-Transfer service is the solution. Our team of experts will handle everything until your business is operational and stable enough to be transferred to you.

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Kevin Arthur Santiago

Senior Internal

Our Trusted Partners

Russel Meiselman

and Co-Founder

How it Works


Start Up
0-30 Days

The prep phase of the BOT. We complete all the paperwork and create a project charter which contains all our rules and regulations.


1-6 Months

The objective of this phase is to build and train the core team and start implementing the governance.


7-13 Months

We kick off the standard operating procedures, finalize training and certifications, as well as optimize operations.


13-18 Months

All staff and assets are transferred to the new facility under your own corporation.

Planning: The 3S’s



For the first 6 months we focus on office setup, staffing, and building the team.



The second 6 month phase is where we train the staff to specs, get operations going, and start prepping to transfer the business.



We establish the Filipino corporation, set up the office, then transfer the team and assets.



One time payment of


Build & Operate

Monthly Management Fee


/Production Staff


Final Delivery Fee



“Everyone’s always been so welcoming, very friendly, very kind, very simple thing that’s said to me by Russ and Zack was that the client’s wishes should always be taken into consideration and they try to put the client first.”

Robert David Claridge

“Well the benefit is obvious and it’s cost effective. Secondarily, we’ve been able to do a lot of quality assurance which also we’re able to use to educate the staff and go over some positive things that they’ve done and also the negative things.”

Lloyd Mate
CEO, Americare Respiratory Services

“What attracted me with Clark [Outsourcing] was obviously pricing. If you compare it to Manila, you’re far more affordable. That’s one thing. The other thing was, I think, me and Russell just clicked. Which is really important to me.”

Manoj Patel
Managing Director, Infinity Energy

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