Call Center Services

Call Center Services

Philippines became the #1 call center outsourcing destination in the world in 2012 and since then almost every major corporation in the English speaking world outsources their calls here. Including AT&T, T-Mobile, and Wells Fargo just to name a few.

Call Center Outsourcing is Our Specialty

Our CEO, Zack Williamson – first started outsourcing call center processes in India and the Philippines in 2006. This being said, we’ve had plenty of time to not just get “over” but get out “ahead” of the learning curve. We boast a 20,000+ square foot call center floor with the latest in telephony and call center infrastructure, providing both cloud based support and locally hosted solutions.

Outbound Call Center Services

In need of a boost in sales and marketing? Outsource your outbound call center to us and we will help you with what you need. We will follow up with consistent reporting from a dedicated account manager, test unknown markets, develop good customer relationships, and make your business a success. All calls are from our office in the Clark Freeport Zone in the Philippines.

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    Lead Generation

    We are focused on improving the return on investment of your business. We want to help our customers boost their revenue by determining, profiling and nurturing the right people for the account.

    Appointment Setting

    Clark Outsourcing blends talent, technology, and techniques to our appointment setting services. Our agents are reliable professionals that are motivated to meet any quotas that you set.


    You can improve debt collection call center recovery rates and automate processes with the effective solutions at Clark Outsourcing.

    Technical Support

    Resolving your customers issues with your product is our passion. Our technical support team go above and beyond their duty to satisfy your customers.

    Inbound Call Center Services

    Excellent customer service is one of the most important aspects of any business. Without it, your customer will not feel that they have chosen the correct company for their needs. That being said, let us make your customers happy by having them talk to professional and courteous agents available to take calls 24/7.

    Customer Service

    We are focused on increasing business profits for our customers. Clark Outsourcing is experienced enough to handle different kinds of calls and customers, and meet the requirements of our clients.

    Help Desk

    Outsourcing your help desk services will let you focus on your business’s core services while giving your customers a satisfying response with regards to their queries.

    Order Taking

    We can convert sales into upselling and cross-selling everyday. You will not only get new customers, you will also retain your existing customers.

    Lead Qualification

    Clark Outsourcing will not let you talk to a lead that doesn’t meet your standards. We will go through a complete qualification process and make sure that you will only talk to legitimate leads.

    Technical Support

    Choose a service that will fit the needs of your business. Our technical support service is designed to help a user of a product.

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