Customer Support

Customer Support

You can hire CSR agents in our Philippines call center starting at $850/month or in our North Carolina facility for around $1750/month.

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    The average salary for an entry-level CSR in the Philippines starts at around $350 a month while seasoned veterans can earn as much as $650 USD. The sweet Filipino accent and friendly culture make the Philippines the most affordable and the most ideal place to outsource your customer service. Getting started is easy, we let you hand pick your agents and assist with the setup and on-boarding.

    Your outsourced customer service agents can seamlessly manage multiple channels to help service all the company’s points of contact. In this day and age, there are a plethora of channels where your CSR (customer support representative) can assist to increase your KPIs. Online stores, social media accounts, replying to reviews and feedback, live chat on your website, email support, take inbound phone calls and more. is TRUSTED by over 300 Companies like YOURS

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