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    Benefits of Outsourced Recruitment


    Attract and hire
    the best candidates

    Build a stronger team

    Gain the upper hand
    over your competitors

    Lowers recruitment
    costs and saves money

    Promote your brand in
    any market

    Increase employee
    retention and engagement

    Types of RPO

    Contigency Recruitment

    When the position needs to get filled ASAP

    Retained Recruitment

    Emphasis on the quality of the person to be hired

    Contained Recruitment

    Combination of Contigency and Retained Recruitmen

    Custom Recruitment

    This is a customized placement fee prioritizing the number of positions that need to be filled and your available budget is taken into account

    Sample Recruitment Stages & Timelines

    *Times above are generalized for example purposes only and will depend on your chosen recruitment model, job roles, industry, and market.
    The average timeline to fill a role is 5 weeks for 75% of open jobs; while the other 25% of the jobs take longer. If we can fill your positions
    with the right talent in a shorter period of time, that’s always a plus!

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