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    How it Works



    Hop on a call with one of Clark Staff’s Advisors so we can assess your business needs and recommend the best solutions.


    Recruitment, Interviews, & Selection

    Our recruitment experts start the search for the “right one”. They screen profiles and gather all the requirements to kick off hiring.



    Your selected staff will be assigned an onboarding buddy to ensure the best experience. No matter your business size, we’ve got you covered.


    Ongoing Support

    Clark Staff’s team of experts are available for anything you need to ensure your success. Our service doesn’t end after you hire your staff.

    How It Works

    Quality employees are the foundation of any successful business. We provide a service that allows you to gain access to high level staff.

    After an initial consultation, we can move onto implementing our proven process.


    Staffing Consultation and Calibration

    Jump on a call with one of our Clark Staff advisors. We’ll assess your needs and break down the next steps.

    Recruitment, Interviews, and Selection

    The search for the “right one” begins after we gather all the initial requirements needed to kick off hire.


    Staff Onboarding

    The candidate/s will be assigned an onboarding buddy. Whether you’re an established business with systems in place or a start-up, we got you covered!

    On-Going Support

    Our service does not stop after your first hire. You will manage your staff’s day-to-day operations and we’ll handle the rest.

    Infrastructure Inclusions

    CCTV Camera

    Cameras are strategically placed around the facility to ensure safety of all staff at all times.

    Hardware Maintenance

    Onsite professional IT staff to support and assist with technical difficulties.


    Sophisticated RFID access points ensure employees are coming in on time.

    Training Facility

    Our fully-equipped boardrooms can accommodate your staff.

    High-Speed Internet

    Dedicated fiber connection to ensure all staff are connected at all times.


    Workstations come with chairs, LCD monitors, and a PC with standard peripherals.

    Our Major Industries of Focus

    Although our clients include many industries worldwide, below are the most common within our walls:


    Staff Locations

    We have staff globally located within strategic business centers and we continue to expand these locations as we tap into and find an abundance of different talent, reasonable wages, and pro-business regulations

    Our Most Popular Outsourced Roles

    If the role you are looking for isn’t on this list, reach out to us and we’ll help you recruit the right person for the job.

    Customer Service Representatives

    Job Description

    Just like in-office CSR staff, remote customer service agents have one main job, improving customer experience. They can still be broken up into 2 main types: voice and non-voice.
    The typical voiced CSR resumes will have a minimum of 1 or 2 previous voiced call center experiences, the outliers will be fresh graduates looking to start making money and professionals looking to try a different industry.

    The same can be said for non voiced resumes, with their experience being with other email or chat-style CSR jobs.

    Technical support agents who work remotely function much like their CSR counterparts, the biggest difference is that their goal is to resolve customer issues in the least amount of time possible.

    They can also be broken down into voice and non-voice. Experience-wise, you’re going to see similar resumes to CSR applicants, where they will have a minimum of 1 to 2 years in technical support roles.

    The outliers here are fresh graduates and former customer service agents who got tired of doing voiced calls.

    Data entry agents are sent documents to review or check and once that process is over, they input the information into the database.

    This position is easily done remotely, as most documents now are digital, for hardcopies it’s as easy as having them scanned in a computer. The resumes from these applicants are generally a grab bag.

    You will likely see former data entry personnel applying along with a plethora of other people including fresh graduates and blue-collar workers.

    QA agents usually work wherever the rest of the team is. If you hire a QA to check the calls your CSR staff are producing, then that QA should be working around the same time if not the same time as your CSR staff.

    This is to provide real-time or regular feedback/coaching sessions with the staff in order to maintain a high standard of service.

    Their resumes usually show some sort of CSR or TSR combination of experience, then a promotion to quality assurance within the same company.

    Sales reps should be able to focus on closing deals. Like customer service representatives, they come in two main variations, inbound, and outbound.

    Their resumes will look very similar, the most notable difference being the type of sales they did. Inbound sales reps will almost always have upselling written down as a skill while you will mostly find upselling on more successful outbound sales reps.

    Functionally, it doesn’t matter if this position is in the office or not. Phone salesmen just need a way to call people in order to do their job.

    Team leaders or supervisors, work as your boots on the ground in a remote environment. They give you updates on the team and they help keep the team’s morale high.

    Their resumes usually include previous team lead experiences. A majority of them would have other call center experience before becoming a team lead for that department.

    For example, a quality assurance team leader would have some prior QA experience.


    “Everyone’s always been so welcoming, very friendly, very kind, very simple thing that’s said to me by Russ and Zack was that the client’s wishes should always be taken into consideration and they try to put the client first.”

    Robert David Claridge

    “Well the benefit is obvious and it’s cost effective. Secondarily, we’ve been able to do a lot of quality assurance which also we’re able to use to educate the staff and go over some positive things that they’ve done and also the negative things.”

    Lloyd Mate
    CEO, Americare Respiratory Services

    “What attracted me with Clark [Outsourcing] was obviously pricing. If you compare it to Manila, you’re far more affordable. That’s one thing. The other thing was, I think, me and Russell just clicked. Which is really important to me.”

    Manoj Patel
    Managing Director, Infinity Energy

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