Assistant Recruiter

Assistant Recruiter

Hire remote staff to help with your recruitment efforts! We can help you harness the power of RPO Recruitment Process Outsourcing.

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Boost your recruitment efforts

Help optimize your HR efforts by hiring remote recruitment assistants who can help meet your recruiting quotas with a wide plethora of tasks. Our outsourced recruiters possess in-depth knowledge of the headhunting process and are always eager to roll their sleeves up to help you with grunt work!

Your recruitment assistants at will help you find the most qualified candidates for your position, handle all the necessary paperwork and records involved, screen and can even interview them to present you with only the cream of the crop. In addition, they can help with job postings, email support, appointment setting and much more.

This service is perfect for augmenting your internal HR department or equally ideal for the HR firm and/or independent recruiter. Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) services can help you manage part or all of your management’s recruitment efforts so you get the best pool of talent in the most flexible cost-effective method. is TRUSTED by over 300 Companies like YOURS

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