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Get professional results without having to hire remote staffing professionals full time.
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Need a project or task done but don’t need permanent staff?

Hire an hourly or project based professional to finish the job.

No Strings Attached

Hire professionals on an hourly or project basis. One time payment for the completion of your task.

Cost-Effective Solution

Competitive pricing allows you to easily get a task finished.

How does it work?

Step 1

Tell us the type of work you need done, how many hours you’ll need, and the work schedule required

Step 2

Pay for the entire service (settle your account before proceeding)

Step 3

We assign the staff and get to work

Step 4

You’re given daily/weekly email reports on the tasks and staff

Plans &

Basic Plan

Minimum of 80 hours
$(hourly cost)
$395 one-time service fee

Overload Plan

Minimum of 80 hours
$(hourly cost)
$395 one-time service fee

Seasonal Plan

Minimum of 120 hours
$(hourly cost w/ a bigger discount)
$395 one-time service fee

*All hourly plans must be consumed within a 45 day period*

**Pricing may vary based on skill set**

Entry Level Staff
$8/hr +
$395 one-time service fee
Standard Call
Center Staff
$10/hr +
$395 one-time service fee
$12/hr +
$395 one-time service fee
$16/hr +
$395 one-time service fee
$23/hr +
$395 one-time service fee

*All listed prices are at 80 hours minimum*

**Pricing may vary based on skill set*

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