The Clark Way

The Clark Way has a proven track record and we are proud of it!

Our Proven Process: Clark Staff 4-Step Approach

Our process starts with understanding your business staffing needs and initiating the recruitment process to find suitable candidates from our vast pool of resumes. Whether you are a business with all of its systems dialed in or a starting entrepreneur who needs hand-holding throughout the journey, our process is designed to scale your business.

1. Staffing Consultation and Calibration 100%

GROW with us! Jump on a call with one of our Clark Staff advisors and we will assess your needs and breakdown the next steps.

2. Recruitment, Interviews, and Selection 100%

The search for the “right one” begins after we gather all the initial requirements needed to kick off hire.

3. Staff Onboarding 100%

The candidate/s will be assigned an onboarding buddy for their journey. Whether you are an established business with systems in place or a start-up, we got you covered.

4. On-going support of the Clark Staff Support Team 100%

Our service does not stop after you hire your first staff. You will manage the day-to-day operations of business and staff, and we will handle the rest.

Our goal in partnering with you is simple. 3S’s.


Small models have small problems.


Your team’s goal will be to grow without sacrificing quality.


When all systems are in place, we scale the team and move the bottom line in your business.

We have 4 services to choose from, let us know which one best fits your needs.

With this formula, we are able to put the next generation on the best road to success.
For every staff you hire with us, you help put 1 Filipino child through school.

Russel Meiselman

and Co-Founder

Russel Meiselman

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