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Consultation & Calibration

Hop on a call with one of Clark Staff's Advisors so we can assess your business needs and recommend the best solutions.


Recruitment, Interviews, & Selection

Our recruitment experts start the search for the best fit. They screen profiles and gather all the requirements to kick off the final interview.



First impressions are important. The onboarding procedure emulates your company’s culture in order to get your staff ready to be a member of your team.



Clark Staff’s team of experts are available for anything you need to ensure your success. Our service doesn’t end after you hire your staff.

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Benefits of
Startups & Tech Outsourcing

247 ServicesQ

24/7 Services

Always ready to meet you and your customers’ every needs.


Hire an affordable team without compromising capability.

Helps Innovate

Our team of experts can give you a different perspective to help you improve your processes.

Reduce Workload

Reduce Workload

The remote staff you hire will handle all required tasks so you can focus on critical tasks.

Our Most Popular
Outsourced Startup & Tech Roles

You need a role that is not on the list? No need to worry! You can easily reach out to us and we’ll provide what you need.

Application Developer

Job Description

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Application developers cover a wide range of developers. When looking for app developers it is important that you state what language and other technologies you’ll need your developer to know.

The developer talent pool is saturated with a wide variety of languages and technology proficiencies. If you don’t specify what you’re looking for you’ll have a very wide range of developers to look through. From front-end developers who work on everything the users interact with, backend developers who configure the technology in order for everything to run. For the most part, with app developers, you will have people who have mobile app development experience, computer app development, or in some rare cases both.

Starts at



Automation developers or automation engineers help minimize or eliminate the need for human or manual input for certain tasks. A majority of automation developers will have an IT or computer science degree.

The experience on their resumes will consist of a variety of tech jobs with a majority of them doing quality assurance. Outliers would include automation engineers who have years of real-world experience but no formal schooling.

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All businesses have documents that need to be digitized or checked, data encoders are the solution. The experiences you see on their resumes will be split between prior experience with similar data entry or data encoding positions and people who are new to the remote staffing industry.

The people who are new will have jobs in almost every industry, with a majority of them being blue-collar jobs. The key skills to look for are attention to detail, analytic skills, and good typing speed.

Starts at



Software developers are the creative and innovative masterminds behind software programs. Their work is largely focused on creating and building software programs for consumers. This includes understanding the needs of consumers, developing the required programs, monitoring performance and updating the programs as and when needed.

Software developers identify the core functionality that users need from software programs and start with the development process. Once the program is built and tested, but found difficult to use, they go back to the design process to fix the problems and improve the program. After the program is released, they may also perform upgrades and maintenance.

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“Everyone’s always been so welcoming, very friendly, very kind, very simple thing that’s said to me by Russ and Zack was that the client’s wishes should always be taken into consideration and they try to put the client first.”

Robert David Claridge

“Well the benefit is obvious and it’s cost effective. Secondarily, we’ve been able to do a lot of quality assurance which also we’re able to use to educate the staff and go over some positive things that they’ve done and also the negative things.”

Lloyd Mate
CEO, Americare Respiratory Services

“What attracted me with Clark [Outsourcing] was obviously pricing. If you compare it to Manila, you’re far more affordable. That’s one thing. The other thing was, I think, me and Russell just clicked. Which is really important to me.”

Manoj Patel
Managing Director, Infinity Energy

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