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Providing Remote Staffing Workforces And Business Solutions

Remote Staffing

 Remote staffing is our most popular service. We will recruit, screen, and employ staff, for your customized needs. We’ll manage all the HR, IT, and administrative requirements so you can focus on other tasks.

Seat Leasing & Incubation

This service might be the right choice for you if you already employ people and just need a facility for them to work out of. Imagine a shared workspace or incubation environment.

Hourly & Projects

Think of remote staffing but we give you a plug-and-play staff member for a specified number of hours. For those who have zero desire to manage the staff’s day-to-day or just need a quick project completed.

Build A Company – B.O.T

If you have plans to build your own registered company Off-Shore or Near-Shore but lack the experience to do so successfully, this will be the service for you. We Build, Operate, and Transfer a registered comply over to you.

Recruitment Process Outsourcing - RPO

Whether you want to outsource your entire recruitment effort or just a portion of it, our RPO service will find you the right candidates in a short amount of time.

Industries And Roles

We work with a lot of different industries, which span from Engineering, Healthcare to emerging technologies and more. We rank with the best in building and managing remote staffing teams regardless of the enterprise.


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