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The Philippines is the #1 destination for medical outsourcing services due to the surplus of highly qualified registered nurses and the low cost of labor. The country put an emphasis on nursing programs and even subsidized the education for medical providers as there was a huge demand for registered nurses worldwide. Those who stayed here began to apply to BPOs as a way to make money, gaining application and experience that will help you provide better service.

    Hiring professionals in another country is a huge task with a lot of moving parts. Clark Staff is here to mitigate that task and break it down into parts so you can focus on managing the operational side of your business.

    Take a look at the medical outsourcing services that we regularly provide here at Clark Staff!

    We provide some of the best services and staffing solutions while maintaining competitive prices. The medical industry benefits highly from remote auxiliary staff. An example of this is where onsite healthcare professionals have an abundance of patients to care for, these patients all need paperwork completed which in turn bogs down the healthcare providers. With an assistant to take care of administrative and clerical work, front liners have more time to care for patients.

    Remote medical staff can help onsite staff in all matters that don’t require physically being there. Communication with your staff is going to be mostly on team chat applications. You are able to pick which apps you will use. On some occasions, certain clients have elected to use phone apps such as WeChat and Viber while others opt for computer or hybrid apps such as Skype, Microsoft Teams, Zoom, and Slack. These apps will be used to communicate with your remote staff, in the event you have to get a message to them. You may also use collaboration tools such as Trello or Monday to plan out tasks and a schedule while supplementing it with your chosen chat.

    In terms of schedules, you will have control over what shift your remote staff will work. That being said, most of the positions will have your remote staff on normal working hours in your respective country as they will need to be working at the same time as your in-office staff. This enables any questions to be asked and answered in real-time, eliminating any possible miscommunication. You can also hire certain jobs for hourly work in the event that you need something like seasonal help or a temporary assistant to help you get organized.

    For training, you will need to do a sort of onboarding so your remote staff can properly acclimate to your culture. It also helps with retention as it shows that you care about your staff even though they aren’t in the office with you. Other than that, the programs you use for work might need to be trained if they’re proprietary, an inhouse only program, or if you elect to hire someone without experience with said program.

    In terms of the administrative side of managing remote staff, we have you covered. We assign an account manager to be your main point of contact. In addition to the account manager, you will also have our team of HR and IT professionals supporting your staff. You could have 1 staff member or 100, and the quality of service and support you receive from us will stay the same. Depending on the size of your team, you will either want to manage them yourself or hire a manager. As the size of your remote team increases, so does your need to get a dedicated manager.

    Electronic Medical Record (EMR) Management

    EMR managers all come with a medical background, a majority of the candidates given to you will have bachelor’s degrees in nursing. Prior work experiences that stand out will include other medical record management positions and other healthcare-based positions. This means they will have experience with some EMR systems, the Microsoft Suite, as well as the Google Suite. People with high attention to detail and strong analytical skills will make up your candidate shortlist.

    As this job mostly deals with electronic records, it can easily be done online. Duplicate profiles can be collated, documents that are incorrectly grouped together can be split, essentially the database can be organized to better serve the healthcare providers who use it daily. Communication is key in these positions as your system might have a specific process that needs to be followed.

    Medical Assistant

    Medical assistants function as the medical versions of executive or virtual assistants. They will have a background in healthcare with a majority of them having a bachelor’s degree in nursing. Your candidates will all have working experience with a couple of candidates with VA experience which allows them to transition to a medical assistant position much quicker. All of the candidates presented to you will have excellent English skills, both written and verbal. In combination with their English skills, they will also have great communication skills, which makes them great on the phone.

    In actual practice, a remote medical assistant can handle all of your administrative responsibilities virtually. This means making and taking calls to and from doctors, patients, and possibly insurance companies, handling medical documents, and other administrative tasks. Cloud-based phone systems allow calls to be taken from anywhere in the world while a variety of programs allow the organization of digital medical records.

    In the event that you don’t need a permanent assistant but need someone to help you get organized, feel free to check out how our hourly service might be a better option for you!

    Pharmacy And Insurance Liaison

    Applicants applying to this job will have a bachelor’s of science in pharmacy. There will be 3 main groups of people applying to the job: fresh pharmacy graduates, people with local working experience, and those who have prior experience with the job but with a different company. Your candidates will have solid English, both written and spoken, aside from the interview where their English skills and accent will be gauged, they will also be subject to an assessment and will not move onto the next step unless they pass.

    In a remote setting, your pharmacy/insurance liaison communicates with you via a team chat of your choosing. In regards to their work, they will do most of their job on the phone with various people including, pharmacies, prescribers, patients, insurance officers, doctors, and nurses. A cloud-based dialer will allow them to do their job, which comes as a part of our service. You will have to manage their workflow, but once they get the hang of the process they can work autonomously. This doesn’t mean you can just leave them to their own devices, you should still check in once in a while to see if everything is alright.


    As someone who transcribes voice notes, the candidates presented to you would have prior experience with transcription-style jobs. This would mean that they can type fairly quickly, have high attention to detail, and have good command of the English language. As they are the data entries of the medical industry, they will know some medical terminology. There will also be candidates who have bachelor’s degrees in nursing or other medical fields, these people will typically already know the flow of work and be more familiar with the terms and tools needed to do the job, they will also usually ask for a higher starting salary.

    The job functions fairly simply, you send over the voice recordings and then your remote scribe converts them into text and logs them in electronic medical or health records. You can have these people work on whatever shift you want, but some overlapping time with your onsite team is recommended in the event that there are items that need clarification.

    Remote Staffing

    Virtual Nurse

    All of your virtual nursing candidates will have at least a bachelor’s degree in nursing. Their experience will be a mix of hospital, clinic work, and possibly any job you can find written above. Those with experience in the remote staffing industry will be much easier to plug into this job and have them hit the ground running. The people who take this job will need to have excellent communication skills, the ability to pay attention to small details, and the ability to multitask while under pressure.

    As its name suggests, this job was made to be done remotely, taking it one step further, someone could perform it from anywhere in the world as long as their internet connection was good enough. Virtual nursing from another country works the same as it would anywhere, the consultation is done via phone or video call, a diagnosis is made, advice is given, all while notes are being taken that way there is a record of what happened in the event that someone onsite needs to care for said patient. For people without immediate life-threatening concerns that need to talk to a medical professional, this option allows the workload of hospital and clinic staff to be lessened. In the event that a virtual nurse comes to the conclusion that a patient needs urgent care, they can raise the concern with their onsite counterparts while updating the patient’s medical records.

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