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The real estate sector is a dynamic industry. With different facets to the business, there is an abundance of jobs that can be done remotely. Aside from the financial savings, the other benefits of real estate outsourcing would be the saved time.

    Hiring auxiliary staff is no longer a challenge. Clark Staff is here to make sure you get top-quality remote staff at competitive rates.

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    Clark Staff is with you every step of the way when building a remote staffing team. Based on your requirements we find you the best candidates at competitive price points. If you’re in need of a sales team, for example, you could hire a small department for the price of 1 or 2 sales agents in your local markets.

    Communication is what separates a successful remote staffing team and a failed one. Make sure everyone on your team is on the same page and using the team chat. Staying coordinated with your team is necessary when dealing with numerous clients. Your remote staff will have access to whatever customer relationship management (CRM) system you use in order to perform their duties. In addition, they will have access to cloud-based phone systems that allow you to make and take calls from around the world.

    Your remote staff can be assigned to work any hours you need them to. Whether they’re your primary staff working during your normal business hours or auxiliary staff helping maintain 24/7 customer service, their schedule is completely up to you. Do note that shifting schedules are okay, if you need someone on a certain shift for one month, then a different shift the following month, all you need to do is note a shifting schedule when asked about staff requirements.

    As with all of our remote staff, you are provided account manager oversight. This covers all of the administrative duties that come with hiring any staff member. In addition to the account manager, your staff will also have access to our onsite HR and IT staff in the event they have any questions or concerns. This is all provided to keep you focused on the operational side of your business.


    Airbnb channel managers are responsible for improving customer satisfaction by overseeing all vendor channels and ensuring smooth transactions. Most of the previous jobs you will see will be managerial with some being in hospitality and others in sales. In terms of duties performed, they would have experience managing all inquiries across multiple channels, monitoring competitor activities, and ensuring the platform you use to manage everything is running smoothly. A majority of your candidates will have 2 or more years of experience in a similar role. For prior channel managers or property managers, the region might be different but the overall experience should be applicable.

    The job of a channel manager is already done online. You don’t need to be in an office to coordinate with them. A team chat app will allow you to communicate effectively. In the event a situation arises that requires you to chime in, your manager will be able to alert you right away. You could also hire more than 1 person in order to cover a wider range of time. These two people don’t need to be on the same schedule or even overlap. The chat will be where everyone can stay up to date with what’s going on.

    Digital Marketing

    Everyone that will make it through the screening process here will have experience with creating content strategies, search engine optimization (SEO), search engine marketing (SEM), and managing social media. The salary and schedule you set will determine the types of people you will attract, with salary being a bigger factor. You will get different people due to the state of the industry, some people will have several years on the job and their style will differ from the newer and younger digital marketers who are finding success due to social media platforms. As digital marketers help drive your online presence up it is important to find someone skilled enough to make an impact while fitting into your company.

    Digital marketing can easily be done from a remote location. As their work is on the internet, any place they have access, they can do their work. They will need to coordinate with all departments in your company in order to perform their job properly. Whether you have them on the same shift or overlapping schedules is up to you. Their tools will for the most part be word processing programs like Microsoft Word or Google Docs, a social media management tool, and a communication tool to help them talk to you and your team. The content they create is drafted on the word processor and once finalized the social media tool will help schedule the posts out. The end goal of a digital marketing department is to drive traffic to the site which in turn leads to a sale.

    Property Management

    The candidates for this job will all have some form of management experience. The huge majority of experience you will see is prior property management experience. This experience can be split between remote property management and in-person property management. For both remote and hands-on management experience, we can always check to see how they performed by calling their references or prior place of work. The CRM systems they’ve had experience with will differentiate them. Those who have remote experience would have worked for clients all over the world, which leads to a very diverse skill set. If for example, you operate out of Australia, there are enough people with experience doing property management out of your country for you to choose from. You do get to create the job description and the requirements, if you don’t know everything you’ll need feel free to contact us and talk it over with one of our representatives.

    A remote property manager works as a landlord except everything is done remotely. They handle the day-to-day management through the use of a CRM coupled with a cloud-based phone system that allows them to make and take calls from clients. The people they are in regular contact with should include you, a real estate agent, and your renters. To communicate with you, you should choose your own team chat application, such as Zoom, Skype, Slack, Microsoft Teams, WhatsApp, etc. For your renters and real estate agents, they can use a cloud-based phone system to do most of their communication, email is the other form of communication used.

    Sales And Marketing

    Your sales and marketing staff will have the corresponding experience to go with them. Your sales candidates will be people who have telesales experience, with a majority of them having outbound sales experience, while some inbound sales agents might apply as well. Your marketing staff will depend on what your needs are. If you’re hiring an entire marketing team with different people you will get people who are SEO specialists, content writers, multimedia specialists, and essentially any other creativity-based jobs. If you’re looking for just one person to start your marketing team, you could look into someone who’s done all aspects of marketing, more often than not, these people will be marketing managers. If you aren’t too sure of what you need, feel free to contact us, so we may further help you.

    The sales job is essentially the same as the call center sales representative. Sales are done over the phone using a cloud-based dialer. In the event that your sales are inbound, we can take care of that as well. In terms of marketing, almost everything can be done online. In the event that you need a banner printed or posters, the multimedia specialist can send over the image file, and you can get someone to physically print them. A huge majority of the content created by your marketing team will go online, the tools to create and post said content are available on the internet. With access to a PC and decent internet, a marketer can do their job from anywhere in the world.

    Transaction Coordination Work

    As a transaction coordinator’s main job is to assist a real estate agent perform administrative tasks, this job is suited for a remote worker. The experience you will find on the resumes will be of virtual assistants or transaction coordinators. A majority of people applying have transaction coordinator experience but it will be under the job title of a virtual assistant. People with VA experience will also be able to do a multitude of other tasks as they function as a jack of all trades. The candidates will know how to handle backend tasks associated with the contract all the way to the closing of the deal. They will know how to properly communicate with the clients and agents as they must regularly update all parties. Every candidate should also be highly organized and punctual as they will also need to handle scheduling.

    This job works great in a remote setting as the transaction coordinator would only need access to your database and a phone in order to make calls and update client information. In the event that you need to communicate with your remote staff, you have your choice of whatever chat application you’d like to use. Emails and phone calls are used to contact the clients. They can use a calendar or scheduling tool to help keep track of clients and schedule follow-ups with them on behalf of the real estate agent.

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