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Thinking about hiring remote workers? Check out these frequently asked questions about our company and our remote staffing services.

We are a 14 year old American owned and operated company with offices strategically located in America and the Philippines. Our goal is to help small and mid-sized companies leverage their business by offering the global resources that were previously only available to the Fortune 500.

Staffing – Workspace – Oversight: We start by mobilizing our recruitment department to find the talent you are looking for. Then we allow you to hand-pick your candidates and conduct the final interview via Skype video call into our conference room. Next, we setup your workspace to your specs as we help with on-board training, setting up your reporting tools and other software and/or cloud-based tools that you will help you to manage your employee’s workflow more efficiently. Lastly, we provide continuing oversight to make sure your account is running smoothly so you can stay with us for many years to come.

Our employees are by far our greatest asset! We have two categories of employees; Our internal team and your team, client staff. Our internal team are the core of our operations. They deal with account management and office management but our biggest internal workforce is in recruiting and human resources. As for your team, we try to encourage you to choose the best candidates who not only have the skills you need but who also really jive with you and your company culture. We usually maintain around 1:10 ratio of internal staff to client staff.

Security and confidentiality are paramount in our business.

  • We have firewalls/VPN (Virtual Private Network) for inbound and outbound security.
  • All our systems do not have external storage devices.
  • All our systems and e-mails are password protected.
  • Our cabinets are fire-proof and we use an offsite storage facility to store documents.
  • We use premium anti-virus software implemented at both server and client level.
  • Only our employees are allowed access into our buildings through a badge access system. We also have armed security on a 24x7x365 days basis.
  • We have surveillance cameras installed throughout our premises.
  • For an additional fee, we offer a PCI compliant workspace for our accounts that require an even higher level of security for dealing with sensitive data.

Absolutely and when you take a look at our building and infrastructure, you’ll become a believer too! Over 20,000 square feet of office space fully setup with fiber optic cabling, centralized server room and wired into one-to-one workstations. We also deal with the most up-to-date software tools, APIs and cloud computing enhancements to allow us to operate remotely from anywhere in the world.

Since 2006. We first started out doing lead generation via SEO and telemarketing for the mortgage and real estate industry and over the years and through the ups and downs, have been able to diversify into a full service BPO company.

Yes, we do. We sign NDAs and SLAs for every customer who outsources to Clark Outsourcing. Wanting to experience a worry-free service? Outsource to us now.

Just go to our Contact Us page and contact us through Skype, Phone and/or contact form. We will immediately contact you to discuss the process with you.

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