Seat Leasing

Seat Leasing

We offer a plug and play style of seat leasing in the Philippines. We have 20,000 sq. ft. of creative space where your staff will have an easy time working. With a Modern Industrial design inspired by the tech giants of the world, we also feature amenities such as a cafe, a lounge, a recreational area, and much more. By seat leasing with us, you get to minimize your risk by testing the waters before you commit to procuring and building your own facility.

Included with seat leasing:

  • Training Facility
  • Biometrics
  • Work Stations
  • CCTV Cameras
  • High Speed Internet
  • Hardware Maintenance

What’s not included:

  • Headset
  • Server
  • VOIP

Why Lease from us?

  • Creative environment – We have heavily invested in our infrastructure. Our IT facility, inbound and outbound calling area, and creative space are all top of the line. On top of that, we have the most modern workspace in Clark.
  • Location – Our Philippine office is located in the heart of the Clark Freeport Zone. The only place where foreigners can outright own their own business and corporate assets.
  • Professional Staff – Our Human Resource and IT teams will ensure that you get to focus on the operations side of your business. Our account managers will keep you informed as to anything happening with your staff and make sure that you’re operational around the clock.
  • Price – We have a very competitive pricing package, especially considering the quality and location of our facility. Rest assured that it is still cheaper to least seats with us as opposed to getting your own building.

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    What’s included?

    training facility in the seat leasing philippines
    Training Facility

    Our building has spacious training rooms ideal for your remote staff complete with whiteboards, conferencing systems, and an LCD projector.

    biometrics in the seat leasing philippines

    Want to make sure that your employees are coming and leaving on time? Make use of our biometrics system.

    work stations in the seat leasing philippines
    Work Stations

    Each work station is equipped with comfortable chairs, LCD monitors, and computers. You can customize the setup as you wish and even get exclusive and private offices and office cabins.

    cctv cameras in the seat leasing philippines
    CCTV Cameras

    You can view our CCTV cameras remotely from anywhere in the world to check in on your staff.

    high speed internet provided by seat leasing philippines
    Highspeed Internet

    We have one of the fastest internet connections in the area with two 5G fiber lines and redundant backups.

    hardware maintenance provided by seat leasing philippines
    Hardware Maintenance

    We are staffed with professional personnel in giving support and assistance to employees and to the business.

    What’s not included?

    headset is not provided by seat leasing philippines

    Due to sharing and germs, we do not provide the headsets. We suggest USB headsets from Logitech or Plantronics.

    server is not provided by seat leasing philippines

    Supply your own server hardware and will install the dialer software. We suggest i7 processor, 8gb to 16gb of RAM, two network cards, and a 1tb hard drive. Estimated price 27,000 pesos. Alternatively, you can use Amazon cloud servers or any provider of your choice.

    voip is not provided by seat leasing philippines

    Create your own account with a VOIP provider. You can use our current providers or one of your choice.

    Why Lease from Us?

    creative environment is provided by seat leasing philippines
    Creative Environment

    We have heavily invested in our building, IT facility, and in-bound and out-bound calling area and creative spaces but more so, we have built the coolest and most trendy office in Clark. Employees literally line up to work here!

    best location is provided by seat leasing philippines

    We are located in the heart of the Clark Freeport Zone, the Philippines’ leading duty-free zone and the only place where foreigners can outright own your business and corporate assets.

    professional staff is provided by seat leasing philippines
    Professional Staff

    Our building boasts our administrative management staff and IT professionals who assure you of the smoothest operating infrastructure. We will keep you in comfort and up and running around the clock!

    competitive price is provided by seat leasing philippines

    Our prices are very competitive. Especially, considering the quality of our facility and the heavy investment that went into building such an awesome place. We can still offer office space and seat leasing at rates lower than what it would cost to open your own building.

    Our Seat Lease and Workstation Rental Package is Inclusive of:

    • PC/Laptop, Monitor, Keyboard and Mouse (Headsets not provided)
    • Agent desk and office chair
    • Locker for each employee
    • Seat lease plug and play
    • Standard internet connection
    • Electricity and Air Conditioning
    • Backup power provided by the building in case of power outage
    • IT support ensuring internet connection is stable
    • Dedicated direct Fiber optic lease line
    • Multiple ISP providers
    • Redundant internet connections with multiple gateways
    • 24/7 Security with biometric access and RFID swipe cars
    • Security cameras in work areas
    • Open Source O/S, Open Office and Predictive Dialer
    • Predictive dialer maintenance and support
    • Use of Conference rooms, meetup pods, and training rooms


    Standard Price


    1-5 Seats

    Price Break One


    5-10 Seats

    Price Break Two


    10-20 Seats

    Price Break Three


    20+ Seats

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