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We are a full service remote staffing company with offices in the US and the Philippines.

Remote Staffing

For those looking for full time remote staff who will help their business grow, this is the right service for you. Full time staff, round the clock manager oversight, with a dedicated HR and IT team to assist your remote staff with any administrative or technical problems. This service was built for business leaders who want to focus on making their company run smoothly while not having to worry about the additional work that comes with hiring new employees. Click here to see what we can do for you.

Hourly & Projects

For those who just want a single project or task done and aren’t willing to commit to full time staff, hourly is the option for you. Tell us what task(s) you need completed, we provide you with the proper staff, and for a set amount of time, that staff will work on your task. For details such as minimum time needed or other specifics, check out our Hourly & Projects Service.

Seat Leasing and Incubation

Already have full time staff but lack a completed infrastructure to operate in? Seat leasing and incubation is a service literally made for you. We provide you with the infrastructure needed to start or continue your business. Click here to find out about everything offered in our seat leasing service.

Build, Operate, Transfer - BOT

We build you a business from the ground up, get it running for you, then transfer it all to you once it’s stable. For more information check out our BOT Service.

Recruitment Process Outsourcing - RPO

Looking to add recruiters at a fraction of the cost or simply hire a remote recruitment department? Whether it’s recruiting for general positions or highly specialized positions like developers, we’ll supply you with a team that gets things done quickly and efficiently. For more details and examples of positions we’ve recruited for, check out our Recruitment Process Outsourcing page.

Industries and Roles

We provide remote staffing solutions to 5 major industries including:

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Russel Meiselman

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