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A New Clark Staff Office!

Why Outsource In Tbilisi, Georgia?

The Economy Of Georgia Is Booming And Ready To Get Bigger

Clark Staff is proud to announce the opening of our Georgia office location. With our continued goal to provide high quality service to our customers worldwide, we’ve decided to open an office in Georgia. This office brings all the benefits of our other locations, the cost-savings, the high level professionals, all the same high level oversight, but with the added benefit of being in a closer timezone to many of the sites we currently serve.

Learn everything about our Tbilisi, Georgia Facility!

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    The combination of Tbilisi’s cost-effective financial situation, the high level of professionals, and timezone all come together to create an ideal BPO location. Did we mention the BPO boom is just beginning?

    Financial Benefits

    Both employers and employees benefit from Georgia’s tax regulations. Low rates for everyone.


    Tbilisi is only 8 hours ahead of the East Coast and 11 hours ahead of the West Cost of the USA.

    High-Level Professionals

    Receive the same level of professionalism from our Tbilisi staff as any of our other proven and tested locations.

    Emerging Market

    A new booming market means high-level staff can be found quickly and at amazing price points.

    Like the Gold Rush in California, the rush for talent in Georgia awards those who come first!

    With other BPO markets being saturated with competition and finding the right talent becoming more and more challenging, Tbilisi offers the same benefits that India did when it emerged as a prime location. Getting into the talent pool first means reserving the best and brightest to help your company grow!

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    Georgia, The Next BPO Gold Rush?

    written by Iohan Chan

    Top Outsourced Roles in Georgia

    Georgia is best known for top professional talents in the call center, financial, HR, and IT industries. Here are the top roles global companies are currently hiring in Tbilisi, Georgia! Getting into the talent pool first means reserving the best and brightest to help your company grow!

    Customer Service


    Payroll Officers

    HR Generalists

    IT Specialists

    Web Developers

    Software Developers

    Data Scientists