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Let’s make every child a Star

The Why

The harsh reality is that not all companies will last, but their contributions to society will live on forever. It is our mission to create a better, more prosperous future for the Filipino communities in which we live and work. We want the future generations of Filipino people to be able to create a better future for the generations that follow them. We want to drastically change a child’s life with an action that will last a lifetime.

We wouldn’t be able to change lives and build stars without our clients. We are deeply grateful because without them we would not be able to help build a foundation for those who need it most.

The How

The plan to achieve our Why is through sponsored education. We’re going to help send qualified aspiring children to school. From start to finish. Through higher education, we want to enable the next generation of Filipinos to prosper financially, make informed decisions that will improve the quality of life, and hopefully pass on their blessing to the next kid who needs it.

Message from our President

"Some of the most intelligent and ambitious people I have met in the Philippines live in a shack on the side of the road. Where you live, and the clothes you wear should not dictate if you are deserving of an education or a chance to strive. We will not stand by and let the socioeconomic status quo hold down a potential star. One of these kids is likely to change the world as we know it. It starts with us; it begins in the communities we live and work in."

Russell Meiselman


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