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Clark Staff has over 60 years of BPO company experience within its management ranks, helping companies build, manage, and grow their remote teams worldwide.

It started with our company Founders (Russell Meiselman & Zack Williamson) and their journey of managing remote staff from the “other side of the table” as customers who needed to outsource.

Zack started in the Mortgage industry and Russell came from the security sector, both had to utilize, build, and manage remote teams using outsourcing companies located in every corner of the world.

The struggle our founders had with outsourcing companies became the primary driving force to WHY we exist today.

Unfortunately, most outsourcing companies promise a turn-key service, explain what the output will be, and sell a service level that never seems to happen. As a result, Russell and Zack had to fly to these outsourcing service providers’ locations to train, set up processes, and ultimately fully manage these outsourcing companies and still pay the premium.

In early 2013, they took matters into their own hands and opened up a BPO company in the Philippines. They teamed up and decided that the world needed a transparent and honest company that will work with their partners to guide them on what can/cannot be done, what you should/shouldn’t do, and the how-to for success when staffing remotely.

We have been on this journey ever since!


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