With the speed of today’s fast-paced digital world, creating content for marketing can be tough. Businesses are more tech-savvy and up-to-date with the latest digital trends to operate and engage with customers.



To stay relevant and maintain good branding, future-proofing your content is the best way to go. According to a survey done by Oberlo.com, 75% of consumers’ site search queries are brand new each month. This means that making your product or service stand out constantly and matter online is crucial, especially if it’s in an ocean of various products or services similar to yours. 

social media manager with digital tablet and sitting at cafe with healthy vegetable drink.
social media manager with digital tablet and sitting at a cafe with a healthy vegetable drink.

What does future-proofing your content mean?


In an article published on medium.com, Christopher Kokoski defines future-proofing as getting ready for future changes and challenges. This involves creating content that is adaptable, open to entering any new channel of consumption and guarded against competitors aiming to outsmart you with their own content.

Future-proofing can be a bit tricky because you are dealing with the unknown. There are unforeseeable events or circumstances that can possibly affect your content and consumers. A good example of an effort to avoid this is having a contingency plan to respond to such situations and ensuring that it is effective in sustaining your credibility.

To avoid content fatigue or content spamming, here are a few tips to future-proof your content:


Quality vs. Quantity


In creating content online, you are essentially helping your audience solve a problem, and you need to be consistent. Provide more useful content than your competitors and make them memorable, effective, and impactful.

Focus on what your brand, product, or service is really about and ensure that they have relevance in your structure. You can also promote your content through paid ads to help you build followers and gain good engagement on your selected platform/s.

asian business woman working in office with laptop and phone
Portrait of young asian woman sitting at her desk with laptop and adhesive notes using mobile phone. Asian businesswoman working in modern office.

Recognize Your Audience


Invest in your customers, keep them loyal, and listen to what they want. The more you are aware of their expectations, the better the content you can provide that will grab their attention and motivate them to engage. According to John Rampton, the founder of Due – a retirement plan financing company, content fatigue won’t be present as long as you keep your audience’s participation in shaping your content


Do Research


We are talking about unique and valuable marketing materials. Having a complicated idea and presenting it in a simple and understandable manner makes communication with your audience much easier to understand. Always check your content for improvements and ensure that you make it better than anyone else in your field. 

Cropped view of designers planning user experience design with color palette and website sketches on
Cropped view of designers planning user experience design with color palette and website sketches on

Prioritize User Experience


AI-powered creative tools can be a valuable asset for content marketers who know how to use them effectively. They include creating useful, well-optimized content as well as maximizing its growth by including meta descriptions and social media copy. Always remember that a page that performs well organically should be regularly updated to maintain a good ranking and get a competitive edge.




There are a lot more ways to make your content future proof but here are the key takeaways: create material that can be understood quickly, design visually appealing artworks that are unique and relevant, and lastly, your information should help the audience be informed when they make decisions in life. Having an impact should always be at the top of your goals.