Working remotely has become an instant mainstream solution during the pandemic. What we learned during the height of the pandemic is that in the case of remote work is an effective solution for employers and employees to save on costs. However, cracks began to show up, as the majority of the people in the world are working remotely. This is not to say that remote working is a bad thing as a whole. More often than not, it’s the individual’s habits that affect their productivity while in a remote working environment. Working from home has its varying degree of challenges from distractions to just plain bad habits that affect everything they do.


The Good


High motivation 


Most remote workers are motivated to work in a comfortable work setting. High motivation drives remote workers to achieve their respective tasks which is a great thing for companies. Mainly, remote working saves an employee their hard-earned money by minimizing or removing transportation costs, which saves them time and money, instead of commuting to and from the office. This gives them peace of mind and may be able to focus more on achieving quality output. 


Take charge attitude


Most remote workers have a manager’s mindset. They can take charge in any situation without help. Basically, they are supposed to be independent and intuitive, to meet the demands of a remote work setup. Having a take-charge attitude is highly beneficial to companies, by being able to work independently is a good habit for remote workers to succeed in their environment. 


Constant and effective communication


Communication is an integral part of collaboration in the workplace. For remote workers, collaboration is done through task management and communication tools such as Trello and Slack. The truth is that collaboration is difficult for remote workers, and being physically isolated creates problems. Lack of constant and effective communication leads to redundancies and missed tasks. However, it has been two years since the pandemic forced everyone to work in their own home, and remote workers have adapted well to these changing times. 


The Bad


Working beyond scheduled hours


Working from home has brought about numerous challenges, and remote working drastically affected work-life balance. More often than not, remote workers are having a difficult time separating their personal lives from their work life, unfortunately, they are paying the price by extending beyond their required hours to finish various tasks. 




Most remote workers are guilty of doing this, they believe that multitasking is an effective way to finish multiple tasks at once. However, the truth is far from it, instead of focusing on one task at a time that would help maintain the quality of work, multitasking overloads a person’s schedule by doing multiple tasks at the same time, thereby decreasing the quality of work. 


The Bottom Line


Ultimately, moving to a remote working environment, a company should provide all the necessary tools the staff may eventually need. Also, an effective support system to manage remote working is needed, having all of those in place will motivate employees to achieve their goals. Ultimately, Remote workers with proper oversight through the supervision of a competent business process outsourcing company will ensure that the good habit is retained and the bad habits, if not eliminated but minimized.