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Social media has been around for at least 40 years but it never gained mass popularity in the way we perceive it to be. Since then it has changed, following the launching of Facebook in 2006. From then on, countless social media platforms have sprouted across the globe such as Twitter, Instagram, Tiktok, and Youtube to name a few. Thereby, connecting people from anywhere in the world with a simple click.  From a business point of view, social media is an untapped gold mine of countless possibilities. Nowadays, every single business in the world is prioritizing social media to spread paid ads or information about their services, products, recruitment and more importantly increasing brand awareness.  Social media is still the most powerful tool in the arsenal of marketing professionals. Unfortunately, the majority of businesses lack the patience, expertise, and knowledge to take advantage of the possibilities and opportunities that social media has to offer.   However, integrating social media platforms into your marketing strategy consumes time, effort, and money. In addition to that, the need for creative employees to brainstorm creative campaigns, create social media posts, and analyze data (such as Google Analytics) can be difficult and expensive to recruit due to their demand in the job market.  An article published by Tony Robbins argues that ineffective marketing strategies are one of the most common reasons why businesses fail. The first is the inability to find the right market for your products and services. Second, failing to target the right audience. Lastly, unclear digital marketing goals greatly affects the perceptions of potential customers. The problems stated previously are the culmination of ineffective marketing employees who lack the necessary expertise, knowledge, and time to implement the proper social media marketing strategies in the company. Luckily for us, outsourcing providers are offering social media assistants to fill in the ranks of your business. They are a budget-friendly solution with their ability to deliver results.   

What is a Social Media Assistant?

Social media assistants are responsible for laborious social media tasks. Furthermore, social media assistants are remote employees who can work with minimal supervision.  Their task includes: 
  • Creating social media profiles.
  • Interacting with the audience on different social media networks.
  • Creating content on different social media networks.
  • Managing your different social media networks.

What are the Benefits of Hiring Them? 

Develop and grow your social media presence 

Social media assistants can reach out to a lot of people through your posts. Keep your social media platforms up-to-date, manage social media accounts, and make your pages attractive.  High social media activity and being interactive in social media will help boost the presence of your business. 

Increased business efficiency 

Social media assistants are eager to start working with you immediately and they can do their jobs with minimal supervision. Therefore, relieving you from those repetitive administrative tasks so you can focus more on the core goals of your company.  

Reduce cost  

They are more than willing to accept lower salaries than their contemporaries in the US. Also, outsourcing providers are responsible for shouldering their training and the cost of hiring. This puts you in a position to minimize the cost of operation.  

What We Learned 

In conclusion, social media has greatly influenced the business strategies of the 21st century. It is unimaginable for businesses to neglect their social media footprint. In order to gain the upper hand in a heavily saturated social media environment, you need to be innovative and adaptable in its constantly changing landscape. One thing is for sure, social media assistants are essential team members that can greatly help grow your business.