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There are many ways to configure outsourcing services. Hiring full-time employees can be called many things, we call it remote staffing.
Here at Clark Staff, we have 4 main services and they cover most, if not all, business needs

Remote Staffing

This service is for people who need certain jobs filled in a cost-effective manner. From hiring a single specialist to a full-blown team of remote workers, our remote staffing service is flexible enough to accommodate your needs.


A plug-and-play remote staff member for only when you need them. Our hourly and projects service is perfect for business owners who need professionals for specific tasks but not for permanent roles.

Seat Leasing and Incubation

Seat leasing is for business owners who already have staff hired but lack infrastructure. We will provide workstations, high-speed internet, and PCs for your staff to work on, and more.Should you not see the type of employee you need, contact us and we’ll work with you to determine if it’s possible and how much the average employee will cost you. Find out about specialty positions from one of our agents.


A plug-and-play business model. This outsourcing service was created for people who want to have their own business in the Philippines without all the usual start-up problems.

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Russel Meiselman

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