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  Most managers expect their remote workers to be hardworking, efficient, and productive. The best managers typically want their team members to live balanced and happy lives. As the manager of remote team members, their job is to nurture, guide, and support team members, which is a challenge in and of itself. It will guide managers to help them manage their remote team’s lives and make their employees happier.   Building a community and connection are part of growing a successful business. Here are some ideas for making your remote work team feel more connected.  

Make an effort to maintain communication.

Encourage teams to communicate on a regular and open basis. Adopt a centralized communication tool that all employees can access at any time and from any location. A communication app, such as Skype, allows for unlimited users, chat history, file sharing, and multiple chat categories, making it ideal for diverse, remote teams to streamline communication and collaboration.

Encourage one-on-one check-ins.

It’s best to take an individualized approach to better support and make your remote teammates feel more connected. Through one-on-one check-ins, you can make your employees feel seen and heard. You can set aside a few minutes each week to check in with your remote teammates individually and use this time to listen to and understand their personal needs, challenges, communication styles, and workplace appreciation language.  

Plan a yearly company team-building event.

Team building activities also help improve workplace projects that require teamwork because they help teams understand each other better. Employees better understand each other’s strengths, weaknesses, and interests after participating in team-building activities together. This understanding allows them to collaborate even more effectively on future progress that is critical to a company.

Create Virtual Clubs

Virtual clubs can benefit all businesses, particularly those with a creative or educational focus. Podcast discussion clubs, similar to book clubs, can bring a team together on an intellectual level without requiring time or monetary commitment. Movie buff clubs facilitate team bonding by watching movies together and discussing them via Zoom or Skype.  

The Wrap Up:

As remote workers continue to grow, we need to pay attention to our communities. Which means cultivating relationships and reinventing how we socialize. Goals such as training, team building, or collaboration, social connections are key to keeping strong and healthier remote teams.