Business-to-business (B2B) is where a business makes a commercial transaction with another. A typical B2B transaction occurs when a business sources its materials for the production of its final product or service. That said, Business-to-business sales strategy is more important now than ever before, as the advancement of technology offers solutions to enhance the efficiency of B2B sales teams, the focus now is on how we can take advantage of emerging new trends and technologies that are available to us. 

Artificial Intelligence

AI technology will soon become the dominant feature of B2B sales processes. AI brings forth solutions that include lead generation, data collection, and identifying consumer behavior patterns. Those mentioned previously are important features of B2B processes, as they would greatly improve the efficiency of B2B sales teams. 

The presence of AI supporting a B2B sales team can help improve your sales process. AI automates repetitive tasks such as scheduling prospect meetings, automated email answering, answering FAQs, prospect research, and other menial tasks. This frees up your sales team’s valuable time and allows them to start focusing on making sales. 

AI makes it easier to measure customer perspectives, understand their needs, and purchase intent which would help your sales team create a clearer picture of their buying decisions. With the power of AI technologies, sales teams can use the information gathered to accelerate and increases lead generation.

Shifting Pattern Of Consumer Behavior

As the era of boomers comes to a close and no longer defines the B2B buying process, the new generation is increasingly getting involved with the B2B sales process. As they form the majority, differing ideals with the boomers and millennials will lead to a paradigm shift in the B2B sales landscape. That said, millennials are not the same as the boomers, they tend to focus on a personalized service offering through nurturing relationships and building trust.


Customers are the lifeblood of every business, without them there’s no point in starting one. Currently, B2B sales teams are shifting their strategy toward a customer-centric model. As mentioned previously, the rise of the new generation is actively involved in the B2B sales processes emphasizing their importance in lead generation. By building customer-driven sales processes in three key points.

  1. The customers should be the center of your strategy. 
  2. Win the trust of customers by helping them overcome challenges. 
  3. Prioritize customer experience to build customer loyalty. 

Multi-Channel Marketing 

B2B is a dynamic business model with an ever-evolving process of needs and requirements. Staying in a single channel is a recipe for failure for any B2B sales team. Utilizing an omnichannel sales strategy is the best way to enhance customer experience and reach out to them through multiple channels. 

Here are a few tips to master multichannel sales: 

  1. Use different platforms to reach customers such as social media, email, and ads. 
  2. Integrate all platforms that conform with your customers. 
  3. Communicate more often to spread awareness. 
  4. Reach out to your customers through platforms mentioned previously and blend it with a personalized format. 

The Bottom Line

Ultimately, as B2B sales transactions increases as a result of the pandemic, more and more trends, and technologies would be available to us. Being innovative when it comes to B2B processes would make your sales team more efficient and improve their performance. Moreover, adapting technologies such as AI would put your company in a competitive position. Finding the right mix of technologies and processes would help an organization succeed.