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What does the future have in store for businesses and what does it mean to be at the forefront of the industry? Is it the lion’s share of the market? Or is it the next generation of employees that will make a difference? Although no one is certain how various changes will impact businesses, one thing is for sure, businesses of tomorrow will be different from what they are today and they’re going to be filled with more opportunities for everyone. 

A New Generation, A New Remote Workforce

As Generation Z gradually surpasses Millennials as the most populous generation on earth. There’s going to be a tectonic shift in how companies hire and train potential candidates. A study suggests that Gen Z’s are more proactive and technologically savvy than millennials, they also prefer working remotely rather than working in the confines of an office.  Prior to the pandemic, the global workforce trends show that remote workers grew by 87% in the United States alone. The growth of remote working setups can be attributed to the pandemic and is likely to be retained by companies as incentives for their employees. By adapting to these changing times, the next generation of businesses will have a competitive edge against the rest by hiring an outsourcing provider. 

Emerging Meta Landscape 

In the foreseeable future, upcoming virtual workspaces which are currently being developed by Facebook’s Meta have the potential to improve remote working as we know it. The term virtual workspace is used to describe a workspace where users connect digitally regardless of their physical location. With that in mind, virtual workspaces are beneficial for companies and employees that utilize tools that foster communication and collaboration, such as Slack and Google Workspace Equally as important, the adaption of virtual workspaces as a solution to enhance remote working conditions is beneficial for businesses, instead of leasing and expanding office facilities, virtual workplaces are a cost-effective solution for businesses. 

Take Advantage Of Virtual Marketplaces

Virtual marketplaces otherwise known as E-commerce websites such as Amazon or eBay bring opportunities for businesses that sell tangible products, while intangible products in the form of services can be offered at an online service marketplace such as Fiverr, Upwork, and Thumbtack where private individuals, professionals, or companies can offer their services. The next generation of businesses should therefore utilize virtual marketplaces as a tool for marketing. Virtual marketplaces offer more than just a website to promote products and services, it can be used to promote your brand by increasing awareness with your targeted audience by spreading your presence exponentially, instead of being locked into a tight space which is your website. 

The Automation Of Business Activities And Innovative Thinking 

When we hear the word “automation”, the first thing that often comes to mind is robotics. Business Process Automation (BPA) is the process of automating recurring processes through the use of software and other applications. Simply put this way, BPA streamlines menial tasks and allows the company to go beyond traditional data management.  Companies that are utilizing this technology improve their efficiency, and productivity and minimized overhead costs. For example, Customer Relation Management (CRM), Cloud Computing, and Time Management software do a lot to free up employees from those tasks, allowing them to focus on the company’s primary goals. 

The Bottom Line 

Change is inevitable but its effects aren’t always felt instantaneously. The next generation of businesses have a lot on their hands in terms of workforce, workplace, and technology. Integrating all the changes mentioned earlier, the future of doing business would be more fast-paced than it is today.