Hire your own experienced remote transcriptionist who can transcribe video and audio files from a wide range of sources and sectors including medical, legal and more.

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    Hire dedicated Staff.

    You can hire your own transcriptionist who can work up to 40 hours per week converting audio/video content to digital text. Our transcriptionists get to work transcribing your files into the desired format, with breakneck turnaround times. You pay us to convert your content into text per line, per page, per minute or you can even hire your own dedicated staff to work full-time on your on-going projects.

    Endless hours of data entry and encoding are a thing of the past when you outsource transcription services that require the information fast!

    We’re one of the reputed outsourcing services providers that has qualified skills to transcribe physical information into text you can store and manage.

    When it comes to high accuracy and the number of words transcribed per hour, you will not find a better place to outsource your transcription services than the Clark Freeport Zone of the Philippines. is TRUSTED by over 300 Companies like YOURS

    Your data is SAFE with US

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