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Social media has become one of the best ways to advertise. This is aided by the popularity and advancements in technology, notably any sort of mobile device such as smartphones and tablets. Having a marketing team has become crucial now more than ever, since a majority of people are staying at home, screen time has exponentially increased, which directly affects the number of people viewing digital ads. Businesses, from big to small benefit from having a digital marketing team, in fact, they need one to stay competitive in the current market.

Impact Of Social Media

To put it plainly, social media extends a company’s reach to places it otherwise wouldn’t be able to reach. From enhancing brand awareness, all the way through the marketing funnel to possible sales, social media helps bring business to you. With a marketing team, social media is the best platform to engage with your audience. Whether the goal is to build better connections with them, promote a specific service or product, or just to get your name out there, the online space is the way to go. With everything happening in the world and the accessibility of social media, audiences are looking for new ways to interact with brands. In fact, 88% of millennials do business through chat applications, with their demand for more business to follow suit.

Importance Of A Marketing Team

In combination with social media, a proper marketing team with a strategy can make the difference between a successful company and one that fails. A marketing team is responsible for spreading brand awareness and helping to raise sales. Social media is a tool used to achieve a goal while marketers are the people working the tools in order to get the job done. Marketers help build a brand identity, or in some cases help refine or redirect it in a way that benefits the whole company. Marketing has always been a deciding factor in whether a product or service takes off. Take the time to think of one drink, one fast food place, one shoe, and a phone. You can come up with a list involving brands such as:
  • Coke
  • McDonald’s
  • Nike
  • Apple
These brands would represent companies with vast amounts of resources invested in their marketing team and strategy. Their work is known to the public but the marketers themselves aren’t in the spotlight, at least not to the general public. Behind every successful advertisement or campaign is a marketing team making the choices that lead to people viewing and buying things.

Remote Digital Marketing Teams In The Philippines

According to the US Small Business Association, seven to eight percent of a small business’ gross revenue should be used towards marketing efforts. Most startups face the same sort of start, most, if not all of the startup capital is spent on research and development of their product or their service, then with little to no money left for marketing. Digital marketing outsourcing in the Philippines aims to fix this issue. Marketing is critical to getting sales, you can have the world’s best product, but if no one knows about it or only the people in your immediate area are in the know, you won’t make the sales numbers needed to succeed in the business world, especially since other competing businesses have a marketing team and are actively pursuing leads and customers. By hiring remote professional marketing staff, you can save on a critical aspect of your business. Business process outsourcing centers such as Clark Staff, give businesses of any size access to professionals at cost-effective rates. These professionals range anywhere from the accounting industry to developers. A full team of marketers or creatives will cost you a substantial amount if hired locally, whereas remote staff comes at a cost-effective price while allowing you to skip the administrative aspects of hiring as the BPO will take over that for you. In addition to the cost-effective nature of remote staff, their English proficiency, both written and spoken, are among the highest in Asia. While there are other places where English proficiency is high, the cost difference makes the Philippines one of the best options. Many of the marketing professionals in the Philippines have prior experience working for clients around the world, whether it’s business to business or business to consumer, they have the ability to accurately write to your intended target audience.

The Wrap Up

Every successful business needs a marketing plan that works for it. Having an experienced marketing team is the difference between drawing in more attention which leads to sales or struggling to meet the numbers you need to grow your business. The problem with hiring experienced marketers as a small to mid-sized business is the cost. With remote digital marketers in the Philippines, any sized business can expand its marketing efforts. In reality, businesses nowadays cannot afford to pass on a marketing department, as it would mean their competition would have the advantage. Partnering with BPOs such as Clark Staff, allows businesses to stay competitive in any type of market.